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I sing through the double bass

I believe in enjoying the process, searching and playing with different sonorities and bow strokes to communicate ideas and finally express our message through the instrument. I enjoy working and playing with different artists and styles worldwide. I want to be part of your project, let’s work together.

Welcome, I’m Emilse Ríos! Here, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the double bass through a selection of videos that highlight my skill and passion for this instrument.

The captivating melody of ‘Salut d’Amour’ was born from Edward Elgar’s love for Caroline Alice Roberts, to whom he dedicated this piece as a gift for their engagement. This emotional musical gift became a famous work that endures as a timeless treasure in the history of their romance.

The composition “Suite in the Olden Style” by Hans Fryba, a musical gem composed in the 1950s, takes inspiration from Bach’s cello suites. First published in 1954, this suite has captured the hearts of double bass enthusiasts and has become a cornerstone in international competitions. With six captivating movements, the journey begins with a lively Prelude (Allegro moderato), striking a perfect balance between technical challenges and expressive elements. The key of G major explores the full spectrum of the double bass, and the blend of melodic passages and fragmented two-voice chords weaves a piece that both excites and challenges, all within a single musical act.

I chose to share these performances because they encapsulate a window to convey deep emotions, experiment with diverse styles, and explore the expressiveness that this fantastic instrument can offer.

My passion for music drives me to seek exciting opportunities to engage in musical projects, collaborate with other musicians, and explore new forms of artistic expression. I look forward to joining projects that challenge my abilities and allow me to grow as a performer and creator. My goal is to contribute with enthusiasm and dedication to each project, thereby sharing my creativity and musicality to collaboratively create something innovative.

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2023 Emilse Ríos | Double Bass Player

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