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I’m a musician with a holistic focus on music. With over 20 years of experience in academic music and teaching, my teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that each student possesses unique strengths. My aim is to facilitate learning by developing the technical tools necessary to play smoothly, in a friendly and relaxed manner. Regardless of the level or project with the instrument, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the learning process.

I work with a 100% personalized program tailored to each student’s needs, goals with the instrument, and, most importantly, availability. We go at your pace!

All levels are welcome! Whether you are starting from scratch (beginners) or have previous experience, the repertoire will depend on your goals with the instrument. Whether you seek to advance in classical or orchestral repertoire, specialize in jazz or popular music, or simply wish to explore music as a hobby, we adapt our lessons to meet your musical needs and preferences.

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The trial lesson lasts for 30 minutes and is completely free. If after that free lesson we decide to continue and you wish to schedule more lessons, they will cost $60 each, with a duration of 1 hour. Additionally, if you’re in Latin America, I have a special price for you.

Student Testimonials

Ms Rios is an amazing, kind, and patient teacher. She is able to work in a manner that is easy to understand and she communicates very well. My progress has been astounding.

Zsofi Zoè Zeta Amata

Emilse is a wonderful, encouraging teacher who is very attentive to the details while always keeping the larger goals of the music in view. I’ve worked with her on Bach for a year and I’ve improved hugely due to her instruction!

Aaron Garrett

During the pandemic, I decided to venture into the world of double bass with no previous musical experience. Finding Emilse and her online lessons from Buenos Aires was a treasure trove! Emilse is an exceptional teacher, she is extremely kind and an understanding guide in my musical journey, helping me to advance at my own pace. I would recommend her a thousand times

Juanjo Gutierrez

Studying with Emilse Rios has given me new horizons to my bass technique and musicianship all around. I was able to extend my range on the fingerboard, improve my intonation and my dexterity using the bow. Miss Rio's enthusiasm to teach double bass is engaging and borderline infectious that I always look forward to the next lesson. Her methodology to double bass teaching is always objective, relatable, and professional. Emilse Rios is the best teacher I’ve ever had and presumably the best teacher anybody can get. I highly recommend this teacher!

Mario Rodriguez - New York based bassist Alicia Keys, Al Di Meola, Gato Barbieri, Dr Doolittle 2, Eat Drink Men Women.

I have had the privilege of studying under Emilse for 2 years now, and I can confidently say she is an amazing music instructor. Her dynamic approach to music teaching not only cultivates growth and development, but she also keeps the classes fun and enjoyable, yet all the while maintaining the demanding level of challenge that I needed to progress. She consistently pushes me towards goals well beyond my skill level and I have improved significantly while studying with her. As a beginning double bass player starting later in life, she has inspired me to continue my journey with confidence and positivity.

Ángel Rodríguez

La Sra. Ríos es una maestra increíble, amable y paciente. Es capaz de trabajar de una manera que es fácil de entender y se comunica muy bien. Mi progreso ha sido asombroso

Zsofi Zoè Zeta Amata

Emilse es una maestra maravillosa y alentadora que es muy atenta a los detalles, pero siempre teniendo en cuenta los objetivos más amplios de la música. He trabajado con ella en Bach durante un año y he mejorado mucho gracias a su instrucción

Aaron Garrett

Durante la pandemia, decidí aventurarme en el mundo del contrabajo sin tener experiencia musical previa. Encontrar a Emilse y sus clases online desde Buenos Aires, ¡fue encontrar un tesoro! Emilse es una profesora excepcional, es extremadamente amable y una guía comprensiva en mi viaje musical, ayudándome a avanzar a mi propio ritmo. La recomendaría una y mil veces

Juanjo Gutierrez

Estudiar con Emilse Ríos me ha dado nuevas perspectivas en mi técnica de contrabajo y mi musicalidad en general. Pude extender mi rango en el diapasón, mejorar mi afinación y mi destreza con el arco. El entusiasmo de la señorita Ríos por enseñar contrabajo es contagioso y siempre espero con ansias la siguiente lección. Su metodología de enseñanza de contrabajo es siempre objetiva, comprensible y profesional. Emilse Ríos es la mejor maestra que he tenido y, presumiblemente, la mejor maestra que cualquiera puede tener. Recomiendo encarecidamente a esta maestra.

Mario Rodríguez - Bajista de Nueva York Alicia Keys, Al Di Meola, Gato Barbieri, Dr Doolittle 2, Eat Drink Men Women

He tenido el privilegio de estudiar con Emilse durante 2 años, y puedo decir con confianza que es una instructora de música increíble. Su enfoque dinámico en la enseñanza de la música no solo cultiva el crecimiento y el desarrollo, sino que también hace que las clases sean divertidas y agradables, pero al mismo tiempo mantiene el nivel de desafío exigente que necesitaba para progresar. Ella me empuja constantemente hacia metas que están mucho más allá de mi nivel de habilidad y he mejorado significativamente mientras estudio con ella. Como bajista principiante que comienza más tarde en la vida, me ha inspirado a continuar mi viaje con confianza y positividad.

Ángel Rodríguez

Lessons for Free Download

I want to share with you a series of lessons that you can watch and download. You will find everything from basic concepts to more advanced ideas to enrich your practice and understanding of the double bass. Feel free to share these lessons with friends and colleagues. I hope they are helpful to you. Let’s study together!

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